Welcome to Dog Training Reviews! We have put together a collection of the best dog trainers and training facilities. We’ve had a few dogs over the years and know how hard it can be to find a reliable dog trainer, once we realized we were not alone we decided to put together this website to help dog lovers everywhere find the best fit for their best friend!

Our founder, Martin Dillard, has been working in web development for nearly a decade and has been fortunate enough to be able to bring his dog Rocky with him for most of that. Over the last few years he had a few friends asking about a reliable dog trainer and they were surprised to see that it was difficult to find the right one. Shortly after Dog Training Reviews was born!

Since then the website has grown substantially adding new businesses regularly. Our rating system allows you to know who the reliable companies truly are and get in touch with them quickly. Make sure to visit they website an mention that you found them here!

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