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Duke being a lab needed some direction for all his energy. I ran out of ideas to keep him busy and decided I needed to find a puppy trainer. You guys really came through with an awesome trainer, thank you!


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Birmingham, Alabama, Is A Dog-Friendly Place To Visit And Live

For many people, their dogs are an integral part of their family unit. Singles, couples, and families of all shapes and sizes enjoy having these beloved pets around and consider them a family member rather than just an animal. If you count yourself among them, you likely prefer to visit and live in places that are friendly toward your canine companions. If so, you can add Birmingham, Alabama, to your list of places to check out.

The early domesticated dogs in the country were primarily used for hunting and protection. Of course, there were a few breeds that the wealthy enjoyed and these provided some variety to the canines that were available. However, as time went on more and more people began to own dogs as companions rather than just for practical purposes.

The Modern Dog

Today, there are many different breeds from all around the world that people enjoy as members of their household. For some folks, this means having a single pampered pooch while others enjoy several of these beloved animals. Often, this happens over time as rescues and other puppies in need of a home appear.

Because of the deep emotional attachment most people possess when it comes to these pets, many cities have begun to make changes to their codes and general attitude toward dogs. No longer seen as dangerous animals that should be kept in the backyard, municipalities around the country have decided to loosen up the reigns, even allowing for dog parks specifically designated for those with one or more professionally trained animals.

Dogs Are Gaining Acceptance All Over Birmingham

While the specifics will vary from city to city and over the course of time, these cities are setting the way for people everywhere to accept them as a natural part of city life. Birmingham has many residents who own pets and enjoy being able to take their dogs with them as much as possible. Rather leaving your dog at home, these favored pooches can enjoy their family out in public as well. Of course, there are still certain places that you cannot take dogs, but fewer than you are likely to encounter in other cities of comparable size and composition.

If you are planning to visit Birmingham, you can find plenty of motels that will allow you to bring your animals. You might need to provide documentation of shots or other records as part of their policy. Don't be offended; this is as much to protect you as other guests. Likewise, if you plan to find an RV park, several are dog-friendly and will invite you all with open arms.

If you want your dog to experience a true taste of southern hospitality, then Birmingham is a great place to visit on your next vacation. Just as you are sure to appreciate the richness of the region, your dog will have plenty to enjoy while the whole family enjoys the trip to this southern locale.


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