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Chicago Illinois - A Dog-Friendly Place Filled With Parks

Chicago Illinois is a vibrant and diverse city with a storied history and magnificent scenic beauty. Thanks to some good planning over the years, people who reside in the area, as well as visitors, can enjoy many of the beautiful parks that are spread throughout the city. Many of these places are a great place to take your dog, which makes Chicago a premier dog-friendly city.

Anyone who has lived in the nearby area or has been to there during the warmer months can always find dog owners enjoying themselves in one of the many parks and Lake Michigan. Chicago, IL is lucky to be right on the shores of Lake Michigan where people can catch a nice tan, swim in the waters and also bring their dogs. However, as tempting as it may be to take Fido to the beach, it is important to know the laws of the individual parks.

Knowing Which Chicago Parks Are Dog Parks

Not all parks are dog-friendly and it is your responsibility to read the posted signs at the entrance where it says whether or not you can bring your dog. Some parks allow you bring your dog, but they must be on a leash at all times. Same with walking down the city streets, your dog must be leashed. The city may give you a citation for not complying with the laws that pertain to dogs.

The city of Chicago itself has lots of parks, but what they have that makes it especially friendly to our furry friends is the abundance of dog parks. Some of the parks are just for dogs and the owners while other parks have a combination of dog area and an area where they are not allowed.

Dog parks are great and when the weather heats up in Chicago just about any day of the week these places have all types of dogs happily wagging their tails and enjoying their time spent off leash. That's right; dog parks allow you to take the leash off your pet so they can roam free. Of course, they aren't free to go anywhere, as they must stay within the fenced area that designates dog park.

Ensure Your Dog Is Properly Trained

Dog parks are usually divided into sections, one for small animals and the other for large. It is also very important that your dog is fixed and not aggressive. Other dog owners do not appreciate an aggressive animal starting fights with all the other dogs. This can be both dangerous for the dogs as well as their owners.

It is important to always pick up after your dog. Chicago loves its dogs, but remember to always pick up after them! Keeping Chicago a dog-friendly city is so important and adds to the quality of life for all, so be sure to follow the rules, keep your dog leashed at all times unless you're in a dog park and most of all please pick up after them. This will ensure that it remains a beautiful place filled with lots of green parks for many years to come.

Now is a very good time to find one of those dog parks in Chicago and let him go wild and soak in the sun. Remember now it is up to you to do your part in keeping Chicago the dog-friendly place that it was always meant to be.