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Our Happy Dog Owners

When I first adopted Bella I thought everything she did was super cute. Until he made a big mess on my new couch. It was obvious that he needed a professional trainer. Thanks to Incredible Dog Training Near Me I was able to find a great trainer! My relationship with Bella has never been better!



Duke being a lab needed some direction for all his energy. I ran out of ideas to keep him busy and decided I needed to find a puppy trainer. You guys really came through with an awesome trainer, thank you!


St. Paul


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Looking For a Dog-Friendly Place To Move? Check Out Tampa, Florida!

Tampa, Florida, is a popular city for visitors and retirees alike. People of all ages and segments of society find the bustling city a great place to relocate and start afresh. Others have found work opportunities or love in the coastal city and wanted to move there to see where the opportunity might lead.

It is a great family-friendly city located on the West Coast of Central Florida, providing an excellent jumping point for visiting other parts of the Sunshine State. Whether you want to cruise down to the Keys for some relaxation and unique party experiences, head over to Orlando to enjoy the multitude of theme parks spotting the region or even pointing your rig northward so you can check out the state capital, Tampa has interstate highways leading you right where you want to go.

Because of this, even folks who are visiting the state often choose to fly into Tampa when they go. Whether you have an interest in moving to the area or simply want an enjoyable and warm vacation experience, it's a great place to visit.

Are Dogs Truly Welcome In Tampa

However, those with dogs often worry about whether or not their pets will actually be welcomed when visiting distant locations. Fortunately, the venues, residents and local government all recognize how important dogs are for many people today. When you visit the area, your dogs will have the same welcome that you get!

Though dogs were one primarily considered part of the rural scene, that has changed. Today, many urban dwellers often have lesser contact with peers than a few generations back. One of the ways that folks have combated this is by owning a pet. And, families of all shapes, sizes and compositions often have pets as part of the family package. If that includes you, you certainly don't want to have to kennel your dog while you go down south to enjoy the fresh air, sunshine and sandy beaches that are beckoning to you.

Dog-Friendly Tampa Hotels

You can find plenty of places to stay in Tampa that accept dogs. No matter what your budget, you should have no trouble finding several options that you can afford. This is just one of the signs that point to the level of dog-friendliness that you will find there.

Make sure you are well prepared for taking your dog to the hotter climate. Just as you need to drink more water, so does your dog. Remember that they cannot sweat so it is up to you to provide a cool place for them and sufficient water that the dog will be able to stay comfortable. Take water when you leave the hotel room, along with a portable water dish so that you can hydrate your dog when necessary. If you leave Fido in the room, leave plenty of water and set the AC to a comfortable level.

Then, you can all enjoy everything that the city of Tampa has to offer!